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Course overview

K2Medical Academy

offers certified courses for medical professionals. 

The advanced training courses of the K2Medical Akademie are:

Botox seminars

  • B1 (upper third of the face)

  • B2 (hyperhidrosis armpit area, plantar, palmar)

  • B3 (lower third of the face)

  • BN (emergency and complication management for botox applications)


Hyaluronic wrinkle injections / filler injections seminars

  • F1 (nasolabial, marionette folds, corners of the mouth, mentolabial folds)

  • F2 (forehead, glabella, periorbital, contouring)

  • F3 (tear trough, volume build-up, lip build-up, blunt cannula)

  • FV1 (Hydrobooster Micobolus Technique)

  • FP1 (biorevitalization BAP technology)

  • FS1 (special lipps)

  • FS2 (Special Filler & Botox)

  • FN (emergency and complication management for filler injections)

PDO thread lifting seminars

  • P1 (eyes, forehead, cheek)

  • P2 (eyes, forehead, mouth, nose, cheeks)

  • P3 (facelift concepts thread lift)

  • PS1 (holistic concepts, combination of thread lift and hyaluron)  

Emergency and complication management in aesthetic practice

  • BN (emergency and complication management when using botox)

  • FN (emergency and complication management for filler injections)


Injection techniques / infusion concepts for medical practice

  • I1 (injections, injection techniques for medical professionals)

  • I2 ( Basic Infusion Concepts for Medical Specialists)

Emergency medicine / emergency courses for medical practice  

  • N1 (emergency management for the practice WITHOUT invasive treatment methods)

  • N2 (emergency management for the practice WITH invasive treatment methods)

Target group: non- medical practitioners HP, HP candidates, physiotherapists, osteopaths,

Doctors, dentists, other professional groups in the medical field

Included in the course price:

Course content, script, soft drinks, snacks during breaks

After the course, the course participant receives the certificate as proof

competence in relation to insurance and liability and the patient.

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