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The certified courses are aimed at medical professionals, for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

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Treatments in naturopathy and aesthetics in practice

K2Medical organizes year-round certified courses in the fields of aesthetics, with Botox wrinkle injections, hyaluron filler injections, and PDO thread lifting and in the field of emergency and complication management, courses specifically for aesthetic practice and for medical practices with and without invasive treatment methods, as well Courses in invasive treatment methods such as injections and infusions.

The courses are aimed at medical specialist groups and are designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners. For those who do not feel confident enough or who would like a personal training, we will receive an individual offer on request. The structure of the course includes a theoretical and practical part with practical application on the model. Under the guidance of the speaker, the course participants deal with the regions discussed. Each participant can bring a model with them to the course, make themselves available for mutual treatment or K2Medical provides a model based on the model service.

The speakers at the K2Medical Academy have many years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and the corresponding specialist knowledge of modern wrinkle treatment, wrinkle injections, hydration and face lifting, emergency management and invasive treatment approaches. Regular congresses, training and further education guarantee a high standard and constant improvement in the respective specialist area, and guarantee that  Topicality of our courses.  

Our courses impart sound knowledge and basics in theory and practice, in the safe handling of Botox wrinkle injections, hyaluronic wrinkle treatment and wrinkle injections, hydration, bioremodeling or PDO thread lifting for daily practice. Courses in the area of complication, side effects and emergency management round off the comprehensive range of advanced training courses in the aesthetic area. The emergency courses for medical practice impart knowledge and routine procedures for dealing with emergencies in practice, and guarantee safety and a quick response in the event of complications. Basics in dealing with invasive treatment techniques are offered in the seminars injections and infusions.


Those who want to get into the field of aesthetics or expand treatment techniques are in good hands in our academy. Safe, minimally invasive and painless methods are very popular and are becoming more and more popular in the marketplace, and customers are more and more willing to invest in health and wellbeing.

Small wrinkle injections with botox, hyaluron or PDO thread lifting up to comprehensive full face treatment are no longer uncommon these days. K2Medical Academy offers you extensive knowledge in order to competently and adequately meet customer requirements and to more than satisfy the needs of customers.  

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